Welcome to the official website of the Polish Theravāda Foundation


For many years there were a lot of people practising, or sympathizing with Theravāda Buddhism in Poland, however until now there were no organizations, or centers that would contribute to thorough understanding of the teachings of the Buddha as they are taught in the Pāḷi Canon, and the practice that is based on it.

We have decided to change this and establish The Theravāda Foundation. We welcome your interest in our work, and any kind of help, that you are willing to offer.

The Foundation is not based on the teaching of any specific Buddhist teacher, school, nor tradition, and we are open to anyone who is genuinely interested in the teaching of the Buddha as they are taught in the Pāḷi Canon.

The beginnings of this type of endeavor are never easy. We are asking ourselves tough questions, debating strategies, and we're constantly looking for optimal solutions. We hope that our actions will bring on the growth of Dhamma in Poland, and contribute to the collective happiness of this country.

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